3 benefits of goat milk + how goat milk can save your skin

Many people think of goat milk as nothing more than a substitute for cow milk. Whilst it’s true that goat milk is a good alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, there are actually tons of other benefits associated with goat milk. goat milk #1: It helps you metabolize better According to studies by the United States Department of Agriculture, goat milk is found to increase our ability to metabolize iron, copper, and other substances - and this is especially true for individuals facing problems with digestion. #2: It's less toxic than cow milk It’s no secret that the vast majority of cows are fed or injected with growth hormones. As of today, opinions on whether these cows produce milk that is unsafe for consumption are divided, with Canada and Europe outrightly banning the use of growth hormones on cows. For consumers who would rather be safe than sorry - you know what to do! #3: It's much better for your skin and hair (as opposed to cow milk!) goat milk According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, the pH of healthy, oxygen-rich blood ranges from 7.365 to 7.45, making it slightly alkaline. As cow milk is acid-forming, it disrupts the pH balance in your body, depletes your body’s alkali reserves, and results in acid buildup. What happens then? Your body can naturally eliminate acid buildup through your kidneys, lungs, and skin - but only up to a certain amount. If you have an excessive amount of buildup that is too much for your body to handle, it’s likely that you’ll develop health issues such as osteoporosis, gout or rheumatoid arthritis. As compared to this, goat milk is slightly alkaline forming, and has a pH level much closer to that of human skin. This means that it won't result in your skin won’t be thrown into imbalance; in fact, because goat milk also has fat molecules that contains anti-inflammatory properties, it will even go one step further in helping you delay signs of ageing. If you’re interested in goat milk primarily for the purposes of skincare and haircare, using products such as goat milk conditioners, body wash, and shampoo will help you achieve the intended effect without having to consume copious amount of milk. For people with sensitive skin, or even skin inflamed by eczema and psoriasis, there are also goat milk balms that can help to provide hydration, and heal your skin.