Expert-recommended insomnia cures that will help you sleep well

Most people have experienced insomnia at some point in their lives, but for those who grapple with it on a daily basis, life’s tough. Are you sick of feeling like a zombie in the mornings, and perpetually turning up at work with dark eye circles? Check out these expert-recommend insomnia cures that will (hopefully!) help you get a good night’s sleep. Expert-recommended Insomnia Cures #1: Drink cherry juice for more melatonin Melatonin is a hormone that signals to your body that it’s time for rest, causing you to feel sleepy. According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, participants who drank cherry juice twice a day fell asleep much faster than those who drank placebo beverages. You can also choose to take melatonin supplements, but many people prefer to stick to the all-natural alternative that is cherry juice. #2: Power down before sleeping insomnia-cures-1 One huge mistake that many people make, says clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus, is expecting sleep to come as easily as flicking a switch. The truth is that sleep rarely comes instantaneously, and that your body requires time to unwind before you can fall asleep. For those facing insomnia, Dr Breus recommends a structured nighttime routine which involves chores such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed in your pyjamas, and meditating in bed for at least 20 minutes. #3: Try a rocking chair We all know that the trick to getting babies to fall asleep is to rock them gently back and forth - and it turns out that the very same trick also works for adults. According to a Swiss study, participants who napped in a hammock-like bed managed to fall asleep faster, and enter deep sleep faster than when they slept in a regular bed. Researchers are hypothesizing that the swinging sensation acts to prime areas of the brain involved in deep sleep. Want to try this out for yourself? Purchase a rocking chair, and make it a habit to sit for 10 minutes in the chair before you go to sleep each night. #4: Only work out in the morning insomnia cures Heading to the gym or squeezing in a yoga class before the night ends might not be a good idea, according to this study conducted by Appalachian State University. Amongst other things, researchers found that people who worked out in the morning (and not at night) spent an astounding 85% more time in light sleep and 75% more time in deep sleep. Apparently, the effect that your workout has on your stress hormones is the most pronounced in the morning. Because morning workouts are best in combating stress, they also lead to higher quality sleep (as compared to workouts later in the day). #5: Abstain from high fat foods Last on our list of insomnia cures is to cut back from high fat foods. According to Dr Josh Axe, certified Nutrition Specialist and Doctor of Natural Medicine, those who have trouble sleeping should limit their intake of high fat foods at night. The rationale behind this? Fat slows down digestion, and potentially causes indigestion at night. If you’re craving for supper, skip the fast food and have something healthy instead!