6 ways to incorporate more honey into your diet

(Credits) We could wax lyrical about the benefits of honey, all day long. It helps with weight loss (if you’re using it in place of sugar). It wards off pollen allergies. It raises the levels of antioxidants in your body. It even increases your gut and digestive health! But before you head to the supermarket and purchase the largest bottle you can find, here’s what you need to know: always choose raw honey over pasteurized ones. Whilst many brands pasteurize their honey in order to make handling and packaging easier, the process of pasteurization destroys vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Many experts go so far as to call pasteurized, processed honey “fake”... so make sure you steer clear of the stuff! honey (Credits) #1: Use it to jazz up greek yoghurt We know greek yoghurt is good for us, but it’s sometimes a little too sour to stomach. To make your greek yoghurt more appetizing, toss in a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, and drizzle some honey into the mix. #2: Use it to turn fruit into dessert Making sure you’re getting your daily intake of fruits is boring if you’re doing it the standard way (ie slicing apples to eat after dinner). But what if you drizzle your apples with honey, sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and bake it for ten minutes? You’re now eating dessert! #3: Use it as a glaze On brussel sprouts, on carrots, on muffins which are fresh out of the oven - the options are endless. #4: Use it in place of spreads and jams honey (Credits) If you don’t already know, Nutella is made up of 58% sugar (and very little hazelnuts). The other jams, marmalades and spreads that you find in the supermarket are likely to be just as sugary - so we’d eschew these altogether, and substitute them with raw honey. #5: Use it in a salad dressing Again, store-bought salad dressing is often super fattening - but you can easily make your own lightweight salad dressing using honey, lemon, and olive or canola oil. #6: Use it to make a versatile snack When you’re on the go and you don’t have time to sit down a proper meal, that’s when you start eating all kinds of junk. To prevent that from happening, make a huge batch of these Honey Almond Date Balls at home, so that you can always have a healthy snack on hand. Psst: Our favourite honey, by far, is the Australia’s Manuka Active Jellybush Honey (as seen in the links below). Made in Australia, this is cold extracted, 100% pure and undiluted, and also comes with a high MGO rating. Check it out below!