Keep Baby Safe In The Sun, Naturally

Wotnot Baby Sunscreen is perfect for protecting the whole family when it comes to playing in the sun! It’s a very popular part of the Wotnot baby products range, and even won an award for Best Sunscreen in the 2013 Nature and Health awards! Wotnot never tests on animals, and is a very eco-friendly company, which is why they’re one of our favourites! Let’s find out more about why this sunscreen is a stand out from the crowd. (Credits) What’s in it? Gentle natural extracts, and certified organic ingredients make up this sunscreen. All the Wotnot products are GMO free, and don’t contain artificial fragrances or preservatives. This sunscreen is also free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and titanium dioxide. Wotnot prides themselves on creating products that are as close to nature as possible. How does this work compared to other sunscreens? Sunscreens either absorb or reflect the harmful rays from the sun, but of course no sunscreen can give complete protection, so be sure to wear sun-smart clothing when you’re out in the sun. Wotnot contains micronised zinc oxide, which reflects both UV-A and UV-B rays, unlike certain chemical actives that absorb these rays. This makes it a broad spectrum sunscreen, because it covers both of these types of rays. This is a great feature, as UV-A radiation has a large part in causing skin mutations that may lead to skin cancer. Nobody wants their family’s skin at risk, so always go for a broad spectrum sunscreen. (Credits) How do you apply it? Apply this sunscreen around 20-30 minutes before you first go into the sun. This gives the sunscreen time to provide maximum protection, by reaching each layer of your skin. Apply liberally and evenly to all exposed areas. I have sensitive skin, can I use it? You sure can! Wotnot Baby Sunscreen is made for even the most sensitive skin, like almost all their products. Your baby should be covered from the sun, but that’s not always possible, and other members of your family may have sensitive skin too. This sunscreen is especially designed for skin that is sensitive, and/or prone to psoriasis, rosacea or eczema, because it’s filled with highly moisturising natural oils.. There are no nasty ingredients, so nothing should irritate your baby’s or anyone else’s skin. Of course, like with any new product you try, do a patch test first if you, your child or other family member have incredibly sensitive skin or are allergy-prone. (Credits) Wotnot Baby Sunscreen is our top pick for sun protection that’s safe for all the family, even those family members with sensitive skin! We love that Wotnot uses natural and organic ingredients for their products, because we know that our skin absorbs everything we put on it, and we don’t want to expose ourselves or our loved ones to unnecessary nasties or harsh chemicals. Keep everyone protected from the sun, while still being able to enjoy the sunshine! Get yours here.