Wild Yam Cream – It’s not just for women anymore

You’ve probably heard of Anna’s Wild Yam Cream. It’s a well-known natural alternative to many hormonal products for women, such as PMT medication. Lots of women have reported a marked decrease in their PMS symptoms, and balance being brought back to their bodies. In 2016, His Wild Yam Cream was released, to give men relief from imbalances and a variety of mental and physical ailments. Now men can enjoy the amazing benefits of wild yam cream as well! Read on for more details about the amazing cream that’s helping men deal with ‘Manopause’, and other hormonal changes in their bodies. (Credits) What’s in it? Mexican Wild Yam, Aloe Vera inner leaf juice, Vitamin E, and Oil of Avocado, along with a preservative that has a mix of three essential oils. Each jar also contains the Tribulus fruit, Damiana leaf, Saw Palmetto fruit, Wild Oat seed, and Lavender and Frankincense oil. These ingredients have been specially chosen for their medicinal qualities, and are made into the perfect blend that makes up His Wild Yam Cream. The way the cream works is these active ingredients are absorbed through your skin, and then stored in your fatty tissues for later use, or used for lipid pathway processing. (Credits) What does it help with? His Wild Yam Cream helps with so many different facets of male wellbeing, from depression to a loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. It also helps counteract the physical effects of Endocrine Disruptors, which act like female oestrogens and cause things like an increasing waistline, and ‘man boobs’. The cream can also restore energy, and bring clarity to your mind, helping you focus again. It helps with issues that are very similar to female Menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and fatigue. This great wild yam cream will have you feeling like yourself again in no time. How do I use it? To start with, it’s recommended to use a quarter of a teaspoon twice a day, ideally morning and night. Apply it to your inner arms and inner thighs, or anywhere your healthcare professional has directed. Continue this dose for three months, which is when you should be feeling the full effects of the cream. You can then alter the dose to suit your needs, applying more or less as required. You can also apply the cream to your stomach, and you can even choose a different place each time you apply if you want to equally disperse it. His Wild Yam Cream is completely safe to use, thanks to the hormone specific nutrients and lack of man-made hormones. If you use too much, your body will simply dispose any excess nutrients. The rule of thumb when applying is that too little isn’t effective, and too much is a waste. (Credits) His Wild Yam cream has been specifically formulated with men in mind, to help with hormonal changes in the body that can have a big effect on your quality of life. If you’re feeling the changes of life, it’s time to change your life. Wild Yam Cream is not just a feminine product anymore, so don’t be afraid to purchase some here and start your journey to feeling better, naturally. Regain your mental clarity, your energy, your libido; regain yourself with His Wild Yam Cream.