A Botanical, Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Pen That's Great for Sensitive Teeth

If you’ve been wanting to get your teeth looking whiter but don’t want to deal with chemicals or the price tag that comes with whitening at your dentist’s office, then we have the answer! The Keeko Teeth Whitening Pen was formulated by dentists, and it’s a revolutionary peroxide-free whitening formula in a handy pen design. Let’s look closer at this amazing whitening pen from Keeko. (Credits) How does it work? Using the natural properties of Sodium Bicarbonate, cranberry, chamomile and aloe vera for maximum whitening power, the Keeko Teeth Whitening Pen can whiten your teeth 5 or more shades in just 7 days - safely, without damaging your enamel! The chamomile and aloe vera make this formula perfect for those with sensitive teeth, as it cares for your teeth and gums while soothing your teeth at the same time. It’s also safe for crowns and veneers. How do I use it? It’s so simple to use. Just brush your teeth and then dry them off, then grab your Keeko Teeth Whitening Pen. Remove the lid and twist the base of the pen until gel appears in the brush, then smile widely and brush each tooth, leaving a layer of gel on each one. Keep your smile until the gel dries, and then you’re done! You’ll see visibly whiter teeth in 30 minutes! Wait about an hour to eat or drink after you’ve used the gel, for best results. (Credits) Boost your results If you really want to see great results, it’s recommended to use the full Keeko Whitening Regime in this order: Oil pull, brush teeth, then use the whitening pen! (Credits) All of Keeko’s products are vegan and not tested on animals, which makes them winners in our book! Backed by clinical approval, the Keeko Teeth Whitening Pen is an amazing alternative to traditional teeth whitening methods - and much cheaper, too. Get your whitening pen here.