Baby gum wipes: caring for your baby's gums and emerging teeth

(Credits) Taking care of a baby (especially if you’re a first time parent!) is no easy feat. You’ll probably run yourself ragged making sure your baby is well-fed, mentally stimulated, and gets enough rest. But that’s not all - apart from these basics, it’s also important to care for your baby’s gums. Establish a proper routine (involving baby gum wipes, amongst other things!) when it comes to gum care, so that when your little one’s teeth grow in, they’ll have a brilliant, healthy smile. baby gum wipes 1 (Credits) Many first-time parents who aren’t familiar with baby gum care run the risk of letting their baby fall prey to baby bottle tooth decay - which occurs when sugar liquids, such as formula milk, breast milk, or juice are left in your baby’s mouth for a prolonged period of time. Sure, it might be tempting to just let your baby continue snoozing if he or she falls asleep after drinking from a bottle, but in the long run, this won’t be doing his or her gums any favours, and is likely to contribute to tooth decay in the future. Another important step in caring for your baby’s gums is to utilize baby gum wipes to gently clean your baby’s gums. After feeding, simply wrap one wipe around your finger, and use your finger to gently rub the surfaces of your baby’s gums, as well as his/her tongue and cheeks. If your baby is teething, go one step further in keeping one or two pieces of baby gum wipes in the freezer - you can use these to help numb the soreness in his/her gums. Pro-tip: these baby gum wipes from Australian brand Jack N’ Jill are multi-functional - they can also be used to wipe down your baby’s pacifier in a pinch, and if you’re breastfeeding, you can also use them to wipe around your nipples before or after feeding. In addition to this, they’re complete natural (as they’re made from 100% cotton), free from fluoride, sugar, parabens and benzoates, and are steam sterilised and individually wrapped to ensure maximum hygiene. baby gum wipes (Credits) Once your baby gets his or her first teeth, they can start using toothpaste. Be sure to purchase a fluoride-free toothpaste that is safe to swallow, because it’ll take a while for your baby to learn how to spit it out. Help your baby get into the habit of brushing his/her teeth twice a day, and make sure you’re on hand so that you can make sure they’re using proper brushing techniques instead of just moving their toothbrush around and calling it a day! Last but not least, before your baby hits his/her second birthday, make sure you schedule a visit to the dentist just to make sure that everything is progressing normally and that you’re on the right track. The dentist will be able to assess the condition of your baby’s teeth and gums, and make further recommendations for you if necessary. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to be blessed with a set of white, beautiful teeth and a megawatt smile - so do your baby a favour and start things off on the right foot whilst he/she is still young.