How to get rid of a bad cough (the all-natural way)

(Credits) Nobody likes having a persistent, hacking cough. Is your bad cough is leaving your chest muscles aching, and making you feel downright miserable? Check out our list of all-natural remedies which you can use to get rid of your cough once and for all. #1: Remove all potential cough irritants If you’ve recently started using a new perfume or scented bathroom spray, that might just be the cause of your bad cough. Perfumes and bathroom sprays, together with other scented products, cause sinus irritations in some people - this results in their bodies producing extra mucus, and developing a chronic cough. #2: Take a hot shower bad cough (Credits) It might sound like a generic, one-size-fits-all approach, but taking a hot shower actually does help with a bad cough. Here’s how it works: when you get into a hot shower, the steamy environment loosens secretions in your nose. After you give your nose a good blow, these secretions will be out of your system (instead of trickling to the back of your throat, and irritating it to the point where you can’t stop coughing). #3: Use a humidifier You can’t stand in the shower 24/7 - so another strategy is to use a humidifier to keep the air around you full of moisture. Again, the logic behind this is that when your nasal secretions are overly dry, this irritates your throat, and results in you developing a bad cough. Be careful to keep your humidifier clean, though - if you neglect to do so, you’ll unwittingly be pumping out mold and bacteria and circulating it around the air. Yikes! #4: Drink warm honey water mixed with lemon juice bad cough (Credits) This age-old cough remedy really does work. In a study conducted by James M. Steckelberg, M.D., children with upper respiratory tract infections saw a reduction in nighttime coughing after consuming 2 teaspoons of honey at bedtime. If you want to get in a dose of Vitamin C and boost your immune whilst you’re at it, go ahead and add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to your drink as well. #5: Use Amazonia’s Raw Chest & Cough Kick bad cough (Credits) If your cough is really bad, but you don’t want to take medication, here’s what we recommend: Amazonia’s all-natural chest and cough spray which comes infused with Lemon Essential Oil, and contains zero artificial or synthetic ingredients. This Raw Chest & Cough Kick consists of several potent herbal extracts which help to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections, such as sinusitis, cold, flu and sore throat. Simple take 10 sprays (1ml) into the mouth once daily, and before you know it, your cough will have evaporated into thin air!