Cot bumper & crib bumpers: are they hazardous for babies?

(Credits) The cot bumper, or also known as a crib bumper, is a baby’s item that frequently divides opinion among parents. While the cute designs and fluffy paddings may spruce up a baby’s room and make a plain wooden crib look snug, it may also potentially put infants at risk of being suffocated by the padding. In this article, we take an in-depth look into cot bumpers, and explore a safer alternative to them. What are cot bumpers? cot bumper 1 (Credits) A cot bumper is a soft padding that surrounds the inside of a cot - it prevents babies from falling out of cots, as well as getting stuck in the gaps between the bars in cots. Apart from being functional, cot bumpers are aesthetically pleasing as well - many parents purchase these with the specific aim of complementing a bedding set or the general decor of the baby’s room in mind. How do you use cot bumpers? A cot bumper must be long enough to cover all sides of the cot, and the bands used to tie the bumper to the cot must never be more than 15 centimetres long, in order to prevent the risk of strangulation. Start by securing the bands around the corners of the cot first before tying the ones in the middle. The secured knots must be facing outside of the cot, and the bumper must feel taut once installed. How safe are cot bumpers? cot bumper 2 (Credits) In 2011, a child-safety organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), stated that there was no evidence that they protect infants against injury. AAP stated that the soft padding from a cot bumper could potentially suffocate an infant when he or she rolls right up next to it, and that the chords from the bumper could cause strangulation as well. That having been said, many parents still believe that cot bumpers reduces the risk of injury to an infant as they’re designed as a preventive measure to protect a baby from hitting their head against a cot’s solid frames. It also provides a cushion when babies attempt to crawl or stand for the first time. A safer alternative – the Air Wrap Deluxe Torn in between whether you should do away with a cot bumper or install one? You can have the best of both world with the Air Wrap Deluxe, which is a modern take on the traditional cot bumper that addresses the key issue surrounding cot bumpers – safety. The Air Wrap Deluxe comes with a patented Airwrap mesh which is a breathable, translucent cotton outer layer. This is connected by griptape, so there is no worry about any stray cords being a potential safety hazard. With a multi-layered yet breathable padding that protects babies without running the risk of suffocation, the Air Wrap Deluxe is the solution of choice for parents around the globe. Additional tips to enhance a baby’s safety in cots Apart from choosing the right cot bumper, here are other tips that will help you keep your baby safe in his or her cot. Firstly, do not keep any soft items in a cot. Blankets, pillows, and cuddly soft toys should not be present in a baby’s cot. Also do not place the cot near curtains or drapes which are within reach of a baby, as these might cause strangulation. Lastly, ensure that there are no decorative cutouts in the crib’s headboard and tailboard, as a baby’s arms or legs might get caught in them.