How to Reduce Harmful EMFs in Your Home

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. These invisible energy areas (often called radiation) come from various natural and man-made lighting sources and the use of electrical power - which is something practically inescapable in today’s modern world. Your TV, mobile phone, microwave, fitness trackers and even power lines all produce EMFs, as well as diagnostic imaging like x-rays and MRIs. While the non-ionizing type of electromagnetic radiation (found in the household appliances mentioned above) has been said to be practically harmless, but studies have shown this isn’t the case. Let’s have a look at why EMFs are so harmful, and how you can work to reduce them in your home to keep you and your family safe. (Credits) What are the dangers of EMFs? Here’s a list of some of the shocking things that EMFs can do:
  • Affect your brain function
  • May cause cancer (more independent studies are needed) due to the risk of forming carcinogens
  • Lower the levels of antioxidant defences in your saliva - one of our first lines of defence against infections
  • Cause symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss
  • Cause infertility
  • Affect your nervous system, causing symptoms like sleep disturbances, stress and fatigue
  • Cause body and skin symptoms like muscle aches and pains, rashes, facial prickling and burning sensations
  • Affect your eyes, ears, nose, throat and digestive system
(Credits) How to protect yourself from EMFs at home There are some simple things you can do to reduce the damage EMFs can cause:
  • Avoid carrying your mobile phone in your bra or pocket - it may be convenient, but the microwaves can cause a lot of damage such as fertility issues and even cancer, potentially
  • Keep your computer on a desk when it’s connected to power - never on your lap. Use a separate keyboard and mouse with your laptop to minimise the time your hands and legs are near a power source
  • Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. You’ll save energy and reduce the EMFs emitted into your home
  • Create a healthy sleeping environment by removing as many sources of EMFs as possible from your bedroom
  • Do not use fluorescent or halogen lighting
  • If you prefer to use Wi-Fi over an ethernet cable, make sure the router is in a place where you and your family don’t spend much time, and unplug it when you’re not using it
(Credits) Now that you know a little more about electromagnetic fields and the dangers they present, you can see why we’ve shared these tips with you for reducing the harmful effects of EMFs in your home. Keeping your loved ones safe from the damage EMFs can cause is easy with a few adjustments to your daily routine, like the ones we outlined above.