How to Reduce Waste While Buying Produce

Single-use plastic bags in the produce aisles of your local supermarket may be convenient, but it’s at the expense of the environment and the earth our children will inherit from us as they grow older. There’s a simple change you can make when you visit your grocery store, and that’s by using reusable produce bags! Most of us who are eco-conscious already bring our own bags when we go shopping, so this is the next step. Let’s look at two different types of produce bags from one of our favourite brands: Ever Eco. (Credits) Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags These cotton produce bags come in a pack of 4 large bags, which measure approximately 30 x 40cm. They’re made from premium GOTS certified organic cotton, and they’re unbleached, so there’s no nasties touching your produce! These are great for vegetables, fruit, and herbs, and the tare weight is listed on the tag of each bag, to make weighing your produce correctly simple. The drawstring closure is sturdy so your items will stay safe and secure. (Credit) rPET Mesh Reusable Produce Bags These reusable mesh bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (which is what rPET means). These bags are extra large, measuring 30 x 35cm, and are super strong despite how lightweight they are. You can use these for herbs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as things like nuts and grains - they’re perfect for when you’re buying those goods in bulk. You can rinse your produce while it’s in the bag, then put it into the fridge. The mesh weave means air can easily flow through the bag, which lets your produce breathe and stay fresher for longer. This pack also comes with a storage pouch that will easily fit into your pocket, as well as a carabiner clip so you can attach the pouch to your basket or trolley, making them easy to access while you shop. (Credits) Shops in Australia and around the world have gotten rid of single-use plastic produce bags, or are in the process of doing so, and will replace them with more eco-friendly biodegradable options. However, these are not as good for the planet as using reusable produce bags, because they’re still producing waste and won’t last as long. Make the change today and help the environment! Get the Cotton Net Produce Bags Pack here, and the rPET Mesh Produce Bags here.