Is magnesium oil safe for babies? Here's what you need to know.

(Credits) Massaging your baby. Using aromatherapy. Giving him/her a relaxing, warm bath. You’ve tried all these natural remedies that claim to do the trick, but you still can’t get your baby to sleep. This one is for parents who are desperately in need of a solution that will get their fussy kids to settle down for the night: the answer lies in magnesium oil. How does magnesium oil help with sleepless nights? In a study of magnesium-deficient babies and children, it was shown that participants who had their intake of magnesium boosted experienced less irritability and anxiety, and fell asleep more easily. How does magnesium (and magnesium oil) work? In a nutshell, magnesium soothes your baby’s central nervous system and acts as a sedative. It even diminishes nighttime twitching and jerking, and ensures that your little one sleeps through the night without disturbances. How is magnesium oil used, and is it safe? Magnesium oil, which is applied topically, is a safe and effective way to increase the magnesium levels of babies and children who do not face any pre-existing medical conditions. Usage is easy: simply purchase a magnesium baby sleepy Toes Towelettes, and rub it in as and when they need some calming down. Psst: It’s okay even if you’re heavy-handed - your baby’s body will absorb the amount it needs, and then excrete any excess magnesium via its urine. (In comparison, it’s more difficult for your baby’s body to deal with excess magnesium when the magnesium is taken orally - so skip the tablets and pills, and opt for a magnesium oil spray instead!) Can my baby get magnesium through his/her diet instead? If your baby is old enough to start having solid foods, by all means, go ahead! Do note, though, that most foods which are rich in magnesium are dark, leafy greens (such as spinach and swiss chard) - and your baby might not fancy the taste. magnesium oil (Credits) On top of this, you’ll also have to take into consideration the fact that your baby’s body will quickly deplete its supply of magnesium if they also consume a lot of sugary, processed foods, or animal protein. Here’s what’s happening: because sugary foods and animal proteins create an acidic environment internally, your baby’s body will quickly “buffer” the acidity with magnesium, in a bid to restore balance. What should I take note of when purchasing magnesium oil? Image result for amazing oil baby sleepy towelettes Always try to look for a brand which is 100% pure - such as this specific one, which is made with magnesium chloride organically sourced from the salt lakes of Australia. Whilst most parents use magnesium oils on their babies and children nearing bedtime, it’s also perfectly fine to use them during the day - it’ll simply help them feel more relaxed and less tense. Reference: