Our Pick for Best Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding your new baby can be tricky, as both you and baby get used to each other and learn how to feed properly. Some mothers get strained necks or arms, and others prefer a feeding pillow to ensure they’re latching baby at the right angle and making it comfortable for them both. So if you’re wondering which breastfeeding pillow to buy, let’s take a look at our favourite pick - the Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow. (Credits) What are the features? The Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow comes with so many handy features that make nursing simpler. There’s a carry handle for extra convenience, and the whole pillow is machine washable! Remove the 100% cotton cover and just wash that, or throw the whole pillow in the washing machine! The polyester filling is non-allergenic, odourless and washable. The pillow comes in three gorgeous colours: blue, pink and sand. (Credits) Why use a Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow? Milkbar is the best selling nursing pillow in Australia, and with good reason! A lactation consultant designed it with the unique shape that keeps your baby’s head at the perfect height while nursing. Here are more reasons why Milkbar’s Breastfeeding Pillow is the best for nursing - and pregnant - mothers:
  • Provides support for bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding
  • Can be used as a pregnancy support pillow for sleeping
  • Reduce the strain on your neck, arms and back when feeding
  • Helps protect your abdominal area after a C-section
  • Suits most women’s waist sizes, allowing them to feed baby on either side
  • Small enough to travel with easily
What else should I know? If your baby has reflux, then this pillow is perfect! It’s endorsed by the Reflux Infant Support Association and is loved by physiotherapists and lactation consultants as well. (Credits) So if you’re an expecting mum, a new mum, or need a gift for a mum friend, why not give them the gift of convenience with a Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow? Get yours (or theirs) here.