This Hand and Body Wash is Great for Sensitive Skin

Save money and your skin by using Billie Goat Soap Hand and Body Wash - this formula is so gentle and nourishing and can be used to thoroughly clean your hands and body without drying out your skin. (Credits) What’s in it? This soothing hand and body wash is made from fresh, pure Australian goat’s milk that’s blended with jojoba oil and aloe vera. These ingredients are specially chosen for their soothing properties, making them suitable for even sensitive skin. This is a great product for those suffering from skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema thanks to the non-irritating ingredients. What’s not in it? This hand and body wash doesn’t contain sulphates, propylene glycol, artificial colour or fragrance, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, petrochemical cleansers, or phthalates. This makes it great for any member of the family, young or old. (Credits) How can it be used? Keep it on your kitchen or bathroom sink as a nourishing hand soap, or keep in the shower or the bath to use as a body wash. You can even use it as a bubble bath for older children, by squirting it in their bath. It won’t dry out their skin like traditional bubble bath mixture can. What does it do? Billie Goat Soap Hand and Body Wash is a non-greasy formula that easily absorbs to restore moisture to your skin, which strengthens your skin’s natural barrier and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft all day. It won’t aggravate skin conditions and other sensitive skin types, so can be used often. It thoroughly cleans without stripping away valuable moisture, unlike other soaps which can be very harsh. (Credits) When you’re looking for a hand soap or body wash that won’t dry out or irritate sensitive skin, look no further than Billie Goat Soap Hand and Body Wash. The handy 500ml size will last a while, and it’s such great value for money thanks to its multiple uses! Get yours here.