Why so Many Parents Swear by These Amber Necklaces for Teething

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt heard about those teething necklace things, and you’ve probably wondered what the big deal is? Surely a necklace can’t help make teething easier, can it? It sure can! The Amber Love Baltic Amber Children’s Necklace is a must-have for when teething troubles strike! (Credits) What is it made from? This teething necklace is made from 100% pure and genuine Baltic amber. Amber is a tree resin that’s become fossilized over several centuries, and Baltic amber is from the Baltic Sea area. Baltic amber has been used all over Europe for hundreds of years, to treat many different ailments. How does it work? Baltic amber contains something called succinic acid, which acts as pain relief. When the Baltic amber necklace comes into contact with baby’s body, the body warmth causes little bits of succinic acid to release, and it’s then absorbed into the skin where it gets to work relieving your little one’s teething pain. (Credits) What else should I know? This amber teething necklace can be worn from 3 months old, up to the age of seven years. It’s not a toy, and you should always be supervising your baby when they’re wearing it - so take it off when baby is asleep or otherwise unattended. Don’t let your little one put the necklace in their mouth or chew on it either. The beads have each been individually knotted for quality assurance and safety purposes, but if the necklace does happen to break, please stop using it straight away. Amber Love has a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee on their amber necklaces, which is something we love about them. (Credits) It can be so hard seeing our little loves in pain, especially when it’s teething related, so it’s fantastic to have a chemical-free solution for pain relief. Give their bodies a break from teething gels and tablets, and let the natural power of Baltic amber soothe and calm their teething troubles. Get your Amber Love Baltic Amber Children’s Necklace here.