Why Tooshies by Tom are the best nappies for your baby and the environment

We all know that babies go through plenty of nappies, especially when they’re newborns! Not everyone has the time to (or wants to) use cloth nappies, even though they’re better for the environment than traditional nappies. So, what’s the solution to giving your baby the best, while still being environmentally friendly? The answer: Tooshies by Tom nappies. Here’s why they’re our preferred nappy brand:
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(credit) Gentle on your baby Tooshies contain no nasty ingredients that will irritate your little one’s bottom. There’s no latex, fragrance, parabens, lotions, or phthalates. Babies have sensitive skin, and you want to avoid putting anything harsh on them, to save them from discomfort and exposure to unnecessary ingredients. We all want to protect our babies from rashes and other skin infections, and other nappies contain materials that could upset sensitive skin. Better for the planet A great alternative to traditional disposable nappies, Tooshies are made from sustainably sourced plant-based materials. This mean the nappies are biodegradable, thanks to being made from renewable sources. Most disposable nappies are the opposite of this, making them very harmful to the planet. When you consider just how many babies are born every day, it’s important to consider the Earth, and the future we’re creating for our children. For the environmentally-conscious among us, these nappies are a fantastic way to minimise harmful household waste. Nobody wants nappies to sit there in landfill for years to come, for our children and their children to deal with. (Credits) Effective design Tooshies suit a wide weight-range of babies, but they’re also designed to fit different-shaped babies as well. The stretchy waistband and wings make sure you get a perfect fit, and because of the snugness, you avoid leaks as well. Less leaks means less washing, which is always a good thing for busy families. The core is highly absorbent and made from bio-based materials, to help wick away moisture. Keeping baby’s bottom dry drastically reduces the chance of nappy rash. If you can avoid such a nasty skin condition, why not do so? Nobody wants to see their babies in pain. Great reviews No matter where you look, the vast majority of families who try Tooshies nappies fall in love with them! Parents love the design, the cute patterns, and the eco-friendly way they’re made. On the official Tooshies by Tom Facebook page, their reviews are sitting at 4.9 out of 5. It’s pretty common for people to be harsh on social media, and talk about what they dislike rather than being positive about products or services, so you know Tooshies are doing something right with their nappies to have such fantastic reviews on Facebook, and other websites. (Credits) Tooshies by Tom are better for your baby, and better for the environment compared to traditional disposable nappies. Thanks to their great design that ensures a secure fit and prevents leaks, and their use of bio- and plant-based materials, they are a cost-effective way to look after your loved one and the planet. The nappies come in newborn, infant, and crawler sizes, and are used by eco-friendly families around Australia. Make a change and switch to Tooshies by Tom nappies today. Your baby and the Earth will thank you for it!