Ever Eco Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads – 10 pack

EVER ECO Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads - 10 pack

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We're so excited to have lifted our eco-friendly game with the addition of the fab new Ever Eco Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads: offering a sustainable alternative to disposable facial rounds.

These zero waste pads are ideal for cleansing, micellar water, removing makeup, toning and face mask removal. Plus they come packed in a handy cotton wash bag, so they don't get lost in your washing machine!

Extra info about the Ever Eco Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads:

  • They are dual sided to suit all skin types and applications
  • They feature a soft velour side for sensitive skin or eye makeup removal
  • The terrycloth side is perfect for gentle exfoliation or removing stubborn makeup
  • Each pad features a bamboo outer layer with cotton inner

Directions: A cotton wash bag included; simply gather used pads in the bag and pop in the washing machine with your next load of towels. Just rinse each pad after use, then warm machine wash and hang to dry.

Size: 10 per pack.