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Based on the successful Yoga for Fertility course (73% success rate):

  • Take time out from your busy life and dedicate your loving attention to your own fertility wellness.
  • Feminine Spirit Fertility Yoga is gentle and will suit all levels of experience.
  • 4 short classes to suit the busy modern woman.
  • The classes will correspond to where you are at in your fertility cycle.
  • Also includes breath-work variations + insightful questions. This DVD will suit your needs on both the fertility + motherhood journey. The common mistake many women make is to focus on doing yoga but the secret to fertility success is doing less + Meditations for Fertility CD will make all the difference.


Susanne Calman is a passionate retreat facilitator, intuitive healer, chic, raw food chef and yoga teacher with over 26 years experience in making women feel rejuvenated and re-energized.

Everything about Feminine Spirit stems from my deep connection with ancient wisdom and practices. Yoga was a part of my life even before I was born. When the nurses came to collect my mother for an emergency C-Section, they found her in a headstand! She is the legendary Bette Calman ~ what did they expect

Feminine Spirit is a fusion of yoga, wellness, retreats, spiritual tours, food as medicine and natural beauty and it will continue to evolve as I do!

I am passionate self-care and my Feminine Spirit offers time away from life for an hour to a weekend to a week to devote your undivided attention to your own needs.

When you work with me you benefit from all that I have studied, experienced and lived to support you on your journey.