ECOBUD Gentoo Replacement Filter

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BPA Free
Removes chlorine
Removes up to 98% fluoride
Good for 3 months or 600 to 800 litres depending on your water quality
Alkaline water pH 8.0 – 8.5
This water filter cartridge is essential for your Eco Bud water jug system! The filter is good up to 3 months, or with every 3000 litres of water used!

The Gentoo water filter eliminates chlorine, contaminants and bacteria as well as up to 98% of fluoride from your water, leaving you with a cup of liquid health.

Size – 11cm x 07cm

Fine Top Mesh / PPF Filter – Pre-filtration particles like oil
Energising Ceramic – Infra-red stone (4-14 electromagnetic wave) capable of releasing a high level of energy into the water by vibrating, breaking up and realigning, making the molecules smaller (from 13-20 to 5-6 per cluster), more orderly lined and easier to absorb.
Activated Carbon – Higher absorption to effectively filters chemicals, bacteria and organic pollutants, helps deodorise
Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) – Removes pollutants like algae, fungus, chlorine and radioactive heavy metals, prevents bacteria growth
Calcium Ionised Clay & Ion exchange – Releases activated calcium ions and mild alkaline (pH 8.0 _ 8.5) suitable for consumption and body absorption. Activated Alumina removes fluoride.
Bottom Mesh / PPF Filter – Prevents particle release

Filters may become blocked by air pockets over time. To remove blockage, firmly tap and shake filter under running water.
We suggest changing filters on a rotation of every 3 months, or after 600 Litres of water have been filtered through.
Only hand wash filter with cold or tepid water. Do not use hot water or detergents when cleaning filter.
Do not put Gentoo filter in freezer or microwave.


Make your own mineral water at home with these alkaline water filter jugs and water bottles. You can also filter fluoride out of your water with the ecobud Gentoo jug range.