6 ultra healthy smoothies that you can make in 5 minutes or less

(Credits) These healthy smoothies are all you need to kickstart your morning. Forget eggs and toast, which take too long to prepare (plus leave us with a load of dirty dishes to deal with). Forget overly sugary cereals which give us a temporary spike in our energy levels, only to have us come crashing down after midday. Our go-to breakfast foods are these delicious, ultra healthy smoothies. Other than tasting amazing and being highly nutritious, these smoothies only take 5 minutes or less in preparation time. For women trying to get pregnant, these smoothies also contain certain ingredients that can help you to boost your fertility. #1: This Blueberry Coconut Protein Smoothie healthy smoothies Recipe from naturalchow.com Topping our list of healthy smoothies is this Blueberry Coconut Protein Smoothie. You can use either frozen or fresh blueberries with the recipe - these contain anthocyanins, which help you to maintain the lining of your uterus and increase the chances of having a fertilized embryo implant upon your uterine wall. #2: This La Isla Bonito Smoothie healthy-smoothies Recipe from buzzfeed.com. We know this smoothie is really, really green, but relax - the taste of the banana will overpower the kale, and it’s a great way to sneak in your required servings of vegetables without thinking too much about it. Also, the high amounts of folate, iron and magnesium present in kale will help you boost your fertility! #3: This Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shake healthy-smoothies Recipe from veggiesdontbite.com. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time? This healthy smoothie, comprising of strawberries, chocolate favourite protein powder, and almond milk is the perfect guilt-free way for you to satisfy your sweet tooth. The almond milk in this smoothie is also great for women who are experiencing problems with infertility. Cow’s milk is documented to create a hormonal imbalance in women who are suffering from PCOS and endometriosis - so use almond milk instead, which will help you get in your daily dosage of calcium without the same side effects. #4: Raspberry and Mango Smoothie healthy-smoothies Recipe from supperinthesuburbs.com. Get rid of your Monday blues and brighten up your day with this beautiful Raspberry and Mango Smoothie. The Chia Seeds are a great way to incorporate more fibre and protein into your diet - and they’re also loaded with omega-3, which is a fertility-boosting food! #5: Creamy Turmeric Smoothie healthy-smoothies Recipe from thebalancedberry.com. With the plethora of health benefits that Turmeric brings, why stop at having it in our curries? This Creamy Tumeric Smoothie, whilst a tad on the unorthodox side, is a surefire way of keeping you healthy and disease-free. Turmeric also has the added benefit of mimicking the activity of estrogen, so it’s great for normalizing menstruation, and boosting fertility. #6: Immune Boosting Citrus Carrot Smoothie healthy-smoothies Recipe from leelalicious.com. Want to boost your immune system so that you aren’t affected by the flu that’s been making its rounds at your office? Load up on this healthy smoothie featuring carrots and ginger, and benefit from its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits. Ginger is also known to stimulate circulation, regulate menstrual cycles, and increase women’s chances of conception.