About Us

YOGA DOOD pays respect to the First Nations people of Australia. We believe in the spirit of freedom that comes from knowing who we are, our connection to the land and to each other. We are part of the wondrous web of life that connects all beings and each of us is here to sing our song and to fall in love with who we are.

Founded on the belief that 'Yoga is not for the flexible, it’s for the willing,' YOGA DOOD is dedicated to promoting wellness through our specially curated range of products. Our team is deeply rooted in the holistic health community, crafting solutions that support both mental and physical well-being for our discerning customers.

Inspired by the mesmerizing dot paintings of our First Nations people, we designed our logo and placed this at the center of our flagship product - the YOGA DOOD cork  based yoga mat.

Our Philosophy:

- Holistic Health: We believe in the power of natural, organic products to improve well-being.

- Community and Support: Collaborating with yoga influencers and wellness practitioners, we bring authentic and tested products to our community.

- Accessibility and Inclusivity: Offering products that cater to everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis.

From environmentally friendly cork yoga mats, to meditation benches and yoga accessories, every product in our lineup is designed with your wellness in mind. Trust YOGA DOOD to be your partner on the path to a healthier, more balanced life.

Join us on this journey and discover how our products can transform your wellness practice.