How to visualize your way to becoming pregnant

Tracking ovulation cycles. Health supplements. Experimental sex positions. All of the above are supposed to help you get pregnant faster. But did you know that visualisation and guided imagery may be even more effective than that? The crucial factor here is stress. It’s true that having sex around your fertile period does increase your chances of getting pregnant. But if you’re all stressed out from keeping track of your menstrual cycle and researching the perfect diet to follow, the psychological burden might actually be keeping you from conceiving. According to a 2010 study from the University of Oxford, women who are stressed out have a lower probability of conceiving during their fertile period. But with demanding careers, household duties, and social pressure from family and friends, relaxation can be incredibly difficult when you’re trying to conceive. An effective way to fight this, according to Patrice Burgess, MD, is meditation using guided imagery. This technique helps you to center yourself, bring yourself into a more relaxed, peaceful state, and use the power of visualisation to increase the chance of conceiving. visualize pregnant 2 First, find a comfortable place. Then, lie down or sit cross-legged, in whatever position allows for the most relaxation. Make sure that your limbs feel loose and free. Once you’re comfortable, start focusing on your core. Take a deep, slow breath in, imagining that your abdomen is filling with clear, freshing air, cleansing your body and preparing it for endless possibilities to take root. As you continue to breathe, focus on the tension in your body, starting with the top of your head, and ending at the very end of your toes. Is there a part of you that’s still subconsciously resisting the pregnancy? Is there fear, stress, and anxiety? Focus on all your negative emotions, and then let it all out of each part of your body with each breath. Now that your body is completely relaxed, you are ready for the next part of the exercise. visualize pregnant 1 Have you ever been to a sunny, bright tropical beach? Can you remember how it feels like? Try and recall the experience with all your senses. The bright blue of the sea, the calming, rushing sounds of the waves, the taste of salt on your tongue, the warm sunlight on your skin, the smell of fresh seawater and foam. Imagine yourself walking into the water, feeling the waves licking your toes and the wind in your hair. Imagine becoming the sea, the ultimate incubator of all life on Earth, full of hidden depths and vibrant organisms. Take this quiet moment to yourself to soak up the power of creation. Try to focus on a specific image or detail that’s particularly empowering to you. If you can remember that detail, you can use it in future sessions to bring you back to this place of quiet power more easily. Finally, slowly let the sea wash away from you, and open your eyes. How do you feel? This is a short and easy exercise that you can do right before bed to keep yourself in a conducive mental state for pregnancy. To go more in-depth with your visualization practice, consider doing visualisation exercises with an instructor or tapes, such as these guided relaxation tracks which contain specific tracks that are timed to the different parts of your menstrual cycle. For best results, be sure to set aside them to engage in your visualization exercises on a daily basis. Fingers crossed that you’ll feel the kicking of little feet in your belly before you know it!